Should You Vaccinate Your Infant?

Vaccinations are a preventive method of disease control. They’re essentially a trial-run to prepare your body to fight specific diseases. While human body is truly amazing and works very hard to fight off infection, vaccines help this process by exposing the body to specific diseases in minuscule amounts.

When diseases are introduced in this way, the body produces antibodies to counteract and fight these specific disease antigens.

It takes a few days to create the necessary antibodies the first time a disease is introduced. The next time your body is exposed to the specific disease, it will be able to create antibodies much faster and prevent the disease from running rampant and causing damage. This is why vaccines are so powerful.

Vaccines are typically made of dead or weakened antigens so there is no risk of true infection when they are administered. However, the immune system still sees them as an enemy and produces the necessary antibodies in response.

Many people claim vaccinations cause long-term damage; research is still being conducted to determine whether or not this is true. It has been proven, however, that vaccines have eradicated serious, life-threatening illnesses. Polio and smallpox are no longer prevalent; there have been no documented cases of these diseases in years.

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