Medical emergencies can happen at any time. Without insurance cover, you may find yourself in need of medical attention that will leave you out of pocket.

However, even if you do have medical insurance, certain insurers may not cover your emergency bills, depending on the contract you have with them.

So, what constitutes an emergency?

There are no actual ‘definitions or parameters’ to what constitutes a medical emergency, as this is usually determined on the spot by medical professionals such as the ambulance personnel or the medical doctor who responds to the event.

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Meatless Monday Motivations

The Meatless Monday trend has grown in leaps and bounds over the last few years and has led many people to adopting a fully vegan diet. Surviving on a diet devoid of animal products – including meat, eggs and cheese – does not seem appealing, but the reality of it is delicious, healthy, hearty food that bursts with flavour and harms no animals in the process. Meatless Mondays are the perfect excuse to dip your foot in the vegan pond and see if it works for you. We’ve found 3 great recipes packed with nutrients and flavour to help get you started:

With the holidays coming up, people tend to over eat, with most of the consumption being meats from braais and roasts!

Meat has been linked to various types of health issues, so if you’re a die-hard meat lover, perhaps give your tummy a break once a week with these delicious treats.

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The Benefits And Myths Of Lemon Water

Lemon water, one of the latest health trends, has people swearing by the benefits of a simple fruit and water mixture. There are even diets based entirely on lemons, but does it live up to the hype?

Drinking lemon water in the morning is believed to promote digestion, help weight loss, balance the body’s pH levels and “detoxify from the inside out”, while also brightening the skin and boosting your immune system.

This is the nutrient breakdown for one glass of lemon water (water with juice from half a lemon):

  • Calories: 9.
  • Sugars: Less than 1 gram.
  • Vitamin C: 25% of the RDI.
  • Folate: 1% of the RDI.
  • Potassium: 1% of the RDI.

Lemon water is a low-calorie and low-sugar beverage, even though it doesn’t provide a lot of nutrients, another fruit, say a half an orange, would have double the calories and sugar in your drink. Lemon water is high in vitamin C, comparative to its calorie and sugar content and contains trace amounts of folate and potassium.

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