Deciding on the right medical aid, medical insurance or a hospital plan is no small task. There are many aspects to consider when you decide which type of cover is best for your family. As daunting as the task may seem, it is very necessary.

A large factor to consider is affordability. Medical aid is generally more expensive than medical insurance. Even more affordable is to have only a hospital plan, but is it good enough?

What is hospital cover?

Hospital cover is a medical scheme that only covers you for hospital-related incidents. Hospital visits and stays can really break the bank, leaving you in a tight spot when you have to choose between getting the assistance you need and covering other expenses.

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Is Health Insurance More Affordable Than Medical Aid?


Health insurance and medical aid seem quite similar, but there are distinct differences which set them apart. These differences are also responsible for the disparity of the price points at which they are being offered to customers.

Even the cheapest medical aid is usually a bit pricier than a medical aid insurance premium.


Medical aid, which is regulated by the Medical Schemes Act, is essentially Cover based on tariff codes and procedures. It often has a shortfall due to the difference between the National Recommended Price List and the South African Medical Association rates which is what healthcare professionals charge. Affinity Health wrote in January that Medical Aid must, by law, cover Prescribed Minimum Benefits.

Medical Aid has specified yearly limits for procedures and health events do not need to be specifically stated; it also does not include any personal accident disability and loss of limbs cover.

Medical Aid is also not authorized to include death and/or funeral cover as part of the Medical Aid Scheme. It pays in-hospital benefits according to the National Recommended Price List limiting benefits as per the plan.

This is why medical aid premiums usually start at around R750 per person per month.

What Is The Cost Of Medical Aid?

Are Cheap Healthcare Plans Worth It?

affordable medical aid schemes
Because medical insurance is still a fairly new product in South Africa, there are many questions about its validity and overall effectiveness.

A major concern of potential clients is the very low pricing of most medical insurance plans, compared to the premiums in the better known ‘medical aid’ market.

Why is it So Affordable?

Medical Insurance is usually very affordable, which can often deter people who believe it to be “too good to be true”. And of course, as with all products, there are scams and knock offs. Affinity Health is, however, affordable as well as reliable, with a track record of covering medical bills for remarkably low monthly premiums.


Get an Affordable Medical Insurance Plan in South Africa

If you registered in a health insurance plan for 2018, then there are many ways you’ll be able to use your policy to save money, time and maybe even a trip to the physician’s clinic. Below we will explain how you can use your health insurance in 2018, plus the very first actions to start with your strategy.

Regular checkups, preventative care, and emergencies

Certainly one of the best things about getting Medical Insurance Plan is that you never should wait before your medical dilemmas worsen before you see a physician or safe treatment. Primary health insurance allows you get the care you need if you want it. Furthermore, under the Affordable Care Act, certain preventative health providers are insured by your wellbeing insurance program. The 10 important health and fitness benefits are covered by most major health insurance policy coverage you need to include emergency services, a couple of prescribed drugs, lab services, pediatric services, in addition to more. The benefit in the freebies your healthcare insurance may offer.

Activating your Medical Insurance and Choosing your Doctor

To activate your health insurance, then you have got to cover your first premium. Premiums are monthly obligations built for your insurer to keep up your health insurance. To discover just how much you’re required to pay monthly and how to pay for your bill, it’s best to speak to your insurance provider directly.

After your medical aid plan was triggered, you might choose your primary care physician. To find a doctor in your network, it’s possible to contact your insurance carrier or your physician’s office to ask if they accept your insurance program. Selecting a doctor lien can save cash on flat-rate prices for physician visits and procedures.

Still, have questions about your coverage? Go to our site to find out more or call to talk to an agent directly at (086)-111-0033.

What is the difference between medical aid and medical insurance? – Learn with Affinity Health

What is the difference between medical aid and medical insurance

These days, medical aid seems to be a luxury that is only affordable to the rich. Since medical insurance entered the scene, the number one question asked by the public is, what is the difference between medical aid and medical insurance?

Well, this article is here to explain that as simply as possible.

When searching for an affordable medical aid, one plan might seem better than the other in some aspects, and then lack in the other. For example, one plan might cover doctors’ visits and every day procedures, but doesn’t cover hospital bills. Other plans may fully cover in hospital procedures, but then you have to pay out of pocket for essential meds and doctor visits. Continue reading “What is the difference between medical aid and medical insurance? – Learn with Affinity Health”